Friday, June 6, 2014

Rizos in the City Recap

TGIF my loves!

I attended the Rizos in the city event on Wednesday. The event was hosted by Ada from Gypsyinthecity, and Carolina from MissRizos. It took place at a very nice restaurant in NYC called Altus cafe. Upon arrival we received gift bags with Shea Moisture and Miss Jessey hair products. I got the pleasure to meet blogger babes Patty from Patty's Klozet, and Cherina from CheriStylez. They are both super sweet, and have great personalities.

 With Patty and Cherina
Carolina with some curly-headed beauties
     This is Ada doing a tutorial on how to achieve the perfect summer glow. She gave tips on how to keep your make-up from melting, and how to prep your face for that JLO glow. She also recommended some of her favorite products to use during hot days. She was super sweet and upbeat, she seems very passionate about what she does, and she is super funny.

     Carolina gave tips on how to protect your natural curls in the summer. She gave three tips on how to keep your curls healthy and flawless. I memorized them for all my curly headed readers, it goes as follows:

1- Saturate your hair with cheapy ( as she called it) conditioner before going into the beach. This would prevent the salt from drying your curls. 
2- Soak your hair in tap water  before going into the pool. Your hair will not absorb as much chlorine if you do this.
3- Always wash your hair after the beach or pool. Leaving the salt or chlorine might make your curls look good, but is not healthy or beneficial for your hair.
Ada and I
Showing some love to my fellow weirdo Melitza. This girl right here is the best cheerleader one can ever ask for. She continuously gives me reasons why I should keep on going, every time I start doubting myself, which happens quite often lol. 


  1. Great recap! So great meeting you chica, you have a great personality as well! We're totally hanging out more <333