Thursday, January 30, 2014

Valentine's look #3- Oxblood Flower

Hello Beautiful People!

TGWF= Thank God We're Fabulous ;)

Top: H&M (old) also love (here)
Skirt: Forever21(old) Similar (here)
Shoes: Steve Madden (old) Similar (here)

     Before you ask, Yes!!! I was freezing while taking these pictures. I think on that day it was in the single digits. I don't like taking pictures inside, I think is boring; besides if I pay attention to the weather I'd never post anything. Anyways, I wanted to give you one last outfit idea for Valentine's day. One you can transition from work, to a happy hour with your co-workers. This button down shirt is appropriate for the office, and you'll just need to add some slacks, or a pencil skirt. Then for the night this faux leather skirt will add a sexy touch to your outfit.

     I've realized I was wearing a skater bottom in all 3 outfits, not so versatile of me lol. But what can  I say besides that I'm obsessed, and madly in love with skaters. I can't lie about what I wear, and right now I think I'm living in skaters, freezing and all! I promise I'll try to squeeze in one more outfit where I'm not wearing a skater skirt. 

Nails inspired by Kenzo (here)
Ring: Mandee

“Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.” ― Albert Camus

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Valentine's look #1: Looking for love

Hello Beautiful people!

     I'ts Monday again, I hope every one had a good weekend. I know Valentine's day is 3 weeks away, but I wanted to give you guys some ideas so you have enough time to go shopping.

Jacket: Lulu's Similar (here)
Top: Forever21(sold out) Similar (here,herehere)
Skirt: Forever21 Similar (here)
Boots: SteveMadden (sold out)

Photos by: Eudomar

     So as I mentioned on one of my posts last week (HERE) this is the first look to my 3 Valentine's day outfit series. I think love should be celebrated everyday of the year, but I love the atmosphere on that day. The red & pink decorations in all the stores, men rushing into flower shops to buy last minute flower arrangements lol, chocolates, hearts, packed restaurants (NOT), etc. So since it exists, let's get dress up for it. I wanted to create outfits for different occasions or situations. I know not everybody has the same relationship status, but to me Valentine's day is about celebrating love in general. So even if you're not in a relationship, I'm sure you have plenty of people to share this day with.

  When I was putting this outfit together I was thinking about looking flirty, sassy and fun; hence why I named it "looking for love". So if you don't have a significant other, and you're looking for one. Let's say you're going out with your friends to a place where you can find single people you can mingle with. I think this is the perfect outfit!. The floral print is very feminine and the red roses just make this bodysuit pop. You are sure to get noticed ;). This top was only $8.80 but unfortunately it sold out. If you click on the links, I found some similar options that you can pick from. On to my skirt; I am so into the skater cut right now, it's insane! I think this style is very flattering on any body type, and you can make it look casual or dressy depending on what you pair it with. Another current obsession of mine are my boots! I can seriously wear them everyday, they are super comfy and I have so many more outfits to wear them with. Warning: you will get tired of seeing them. If you don't want to wear boots, you can wear this outfit with stockings and booties, or some sexy pumps. 

 "Those that go searching for love, only manifest their own luck of love, and the loveless never find love. Only the loving find love, and they never have to seek for it" D.H. Lawrence

     I hope you enjoy this post and if you were inspired by this outfit and recreated it, I want to see pics! You can tag me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter (links on the sidebar). I will be posting 3 other looks this week, so stay tuned. Thanks for visiting.



Friday, January 24, 2014

Random Fridays

Hello Beautiful People!

     Here I am with another random post. This time I wanted to talk about some make-up products that are on my wishlist. They are more on the "high end" side of make-up brands, but if there is one part of my body I don't mind paying a little extra for is my face. So here are the products that I'm dying to get:

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation (here)

     After seeing lots of reviews on how awesome this foundation is, I started to get curious. So on one of my rare visits to the mall (online shopper over here) I went into Nordstrom to take a look. I have to say I really liked it, the make-up artist put it on my face, and it felt amazing. Is very light on the skin, yet gives you that flawless, porcelain skin look, I can't wait to get my hands on it!

NARS Ita Kabuki Brush No. 21

     I've been looking for a good brush to contour my face with. I usually do it with my blush brush, but it's super uncomfortable because of the shape of the brush. I have to be careful that I don't bronze my whole cheek instead of contouring it. So after I saw beauty guru Jaclyn Hill's contouring video ( here) I discovered this brush. Unfortunately is sold out everywhere, but I will keep checking till I get it.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder

     I usually fill in my eyebrows with regular eye shadow, but that usually falls out or fades away after a while. Everybody is raving about this powder and I want to give it a try.

Urban Decay Eye Shadow in "Half Baked"

     I got this eye shadow as part of my Naked 2 palette form U.D. I wear it almost with every make-up look, and I don't have much left on the palette. Besides the fact that I love it, I just recently found another use for it! I saw a MUA's video on IG about a dupe for the famous MAC "Whisper of guilt" highlighter (discontinued). She showed how this eye shadow is the exact same shade as the highlighter, and how you can use it on your cheeks to give it that golden goddess effect. I don't follow her so I can't remember her name to give her credit.

Once I get my hands on these goodies, I will let you know how I like them.



Thursday, January 23, 2014

Denim Yum Yum

Top: Urban Outfitters Similar (here)
Jeans: (old)
Shoes: Mandee (old)
Lipstick: Candy Yum Yum by MAC (here)

#officeselfie lol

     I wore this outfit on Tuesday to go to work. I had to take pictures inside my house because it was snowing like crazy outside (don't worry I brought snow boots with me).  Whenever it's yucky out I get into this mood to wear something that would remind me of Summer. This Mac lipstick does just that, the vibrant pink reminds me of a hot summer afternoon at the Tiki bar, having fruity cocktails and  enjoying the cool ocean breeze (sighs).

    When I wear denim on denim I like to wear different washes to create some contrast. If you want to go for a more monochromatic look, you can wear two pieces that are the same wash of denim. It's all personal preference! I tucked in my shirt to show off the buttons on my jeans, and to make it look a tad less casual. To finish it off I wore my snake pointy pumps combined with my necklace and ring. Ironically I purchased these 3 pieces separately and they match! #score.

Necklace: Forever21 (old)
Ring: Purchased in D.R.

     "style is a way to say who you are, without having to speak" Rachel Zoe

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Lady in the hat

Hello Beautiful people!

     Floppy hats are so in right now, and I couldn't resist adding this one to my outfit. Hats can make any outfit pop, it's such a big statement piece. I love the pattern on this sweater, it has such a vintage vibe to it. I like how it looks combined with the leather material.  I've worn it twice and I realized that both times I've worn it with a leather bottom. This pants are my favorite of all times! but I recently took them to the cleaners and they shrunk. I've being searching for a new pair, but I can't seem to find a pair that tops them :(

Hat: Charming Charlie old
Sweater: Forever21(here) also like (here)
Leather pants: (old) Similar (here)
Wedge sneakers: (old) Similar (here)

     My sister's boyfriend (Eudomar) was nice enough to take these photos with his camera. He is an art major in college and he is now my personal photographer ;). It's hard for me to take pictures because of my schedule. I also don't own a good camera, and the iPhone can only do so much. So I am forever grateful that he took the time to help me out. You rock neighbor! 

Photos by: Eudomar

     Valentine's day is coming up and I want to give you guys 3 outfit ideas. It will be 4 different outfits for 5 different occasions. I will post an outfit every day during that week, so stay tuned ;).



Monday, January 20, 2014

Cream Leopard

Hello Beautiful people!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Sorry I have been MIA, I promise I will post more often. I have gotten very good feedback from my friends about the blog,and of course there has been some people that think I'm crazy for doing it, but  I don't care. There are always going to be negative people putting you down, or making fun of your ideas. But  you have do what you like and what makes YOU happy.

Blazer: ZARA Similar (herehere)
Top: Macy's Similar (here)
Skirt: old (here)
Shoes: Mandee Similar (herehere)

Yesterday I went out with my boyfriend to a family event, then headed out for some drinks and some dancing. I wanted to look sexy, but  conservative at the same time; if that's possible lol. I picked this outfit because the blazer balances out my cleavage, and the skater skirt gives it that classy touch. Even though is very cold out, I still wear open shoes when I'm going out. Because once you start dancing and moving around is very uncomfortable to be wearing boots or more winter "appropriate" shoes. Plus it just looks better, and sometimes one must sacrifice ;).

Rings: Juicy Couture & Forever21 

Watch: Michael Kors
Bracelet: Purchased in D.R.

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Let's have a Converse-sation

Hello Beautiful People!

This is what I wore yesterday on my first day of class. I'm on my third year of undergraduate school; I'm getting a Bachelors degree in Healthcare Administration. I was originally in the nursing program, but it was too much for me. It's almost impossible to work and be successful in nursing school, and since I couldn't quit my job I had to make an executive decision. Maybe this wasn't the right time, but I believe what's meant to be WILL BE. Back to the outfit, I wanted something casual and comfortable yet appropriate for the office. So this is what I came up with.

Blazer: Boohoo- Similar (hereherehere)
Tank top: Forever21-Similar (here)
Jeans: Hollister- Similar (here)
Shoes: Converse (here)
Sunglasses: Ray Ban

My sister was my photographer this time, and we were both wearing Chucks. Converse shoes are timeless, they will never go out of style. These are a classic and I feel like every girl should have at least one pair in her closet. They look super chic with jeans, a pair of comfy shorts in the summer, or even a dress. 

Necklace: My Pink Lush- Similar (here)

Blazers are one of my favorite pieces. They can transform the simplest outfit (like mine) and make it look better. They come in different colors and patterns and are no longer consider an "office exclusive" piece. I have over 10 of them, I'm a little obsessed lol.

"Smiling is the best way to face every problem, crush every fear, and to hide every pain" Will Smith.

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Beanie & Doc

Hello Beautiful People!

      If you ask me to describe my style, I would say is pretty bipolar lol. It all depends on my mood, and how I'm feeling that day. One day I'll wear a skater dress with pumps and pink lips, the next day I'm wearing leather, combat boots and a dark lipstick. Sunday I went ice skating with my boyfriend, sisters and some friends, and I wanted to be comfortable yet add a little oomph to my outfit.

Beanie: Zumies
Top: Mandee- Similar (here)
Cami: Forever21 - Similar here)
Leggins: Charlotte Russe- Similar (here)
Boots: Dr. Marten -Similar (here)

       I think that Dr. Marten boots give such a cool and punk touch to any outfit. I've worn mine many  times, and I can't get enough of them. If you like them, but don't really love them, here are some less expensive alternatives (hereherehere).

With my love 

I love stacking different bracelets together



Monday, January 13, 2014


Hello Beautiful people!

On Saturday night I went out to NY with some of my girls, to celebrate my best friend's birthday. We went to a lounge in NY called Mia Sushi. We ate, had drinks and danced with each other all night long. Here are some pictures of a successful night.

Body suit: American Apparel - Similar (herehere)
Skirt: ASOS- Similar (herehere)
Shoes: Shoedazzle (old)- Similar (herehere)

This skirt goes down to mid-way calf, but since I'm super short (4'11") it didn't look right on me. So I took it to the tailor shop to make it knee length. The material is very stretchy even though is faux leather, and its very form fitting.

Shoedazzle came out with these sandals (right picture) last summer. It's a replica of the Gucci "Ursula" ankle strap sandals from their 2013 Spring collection (left picture). We all know that I love finding steals like this, they are very similar, yet different (in price). 

With the birthday girl

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