Tuesday, July 1, 2014

4th of July Collab

Hello dolls!
This post is a fun collaboration with some of my fellow NJ bloggers chica fashionPiinkCupcakezcheriflor, and Jerseyfashionista. With 4th of July just three days away, we decided to give you some ideas on what to wear. Whether you're going to a BBQ, the beach, the park, or out at night, we got you covered! 

Top: Joyce Leslie also love (herehere)
Jeans: Old Similar (here)
Shoes: Old- Make Me Chic Similar (here)
Sunnies: Armani
Lips: Ruby Woo by Mac

You know I always like to add a sexy twist to my outfits. So I decided to give you my take on a 4th of July night out. This is what I would wear if I got invited to celebrate after dark. However this outfit can also be worn during the day. You can can simply wipe off the lipstick, and switch the heels to flats and voila!

I know the festivities are fun, and looking for an outfit is very important. However lets not forget what this day means. Is our time to celebrate out independence from Great Britain. Time to celebrate our freedom and those who fought for it. That being said, enjoy and be safe, and God bless America!


  1. I love how you went for the sexy patriotic look! Your rib tattoo is hot!
    xox, Cheri

  2. You're such a hottie! Love your shoes!!