Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Beach Day

Hello babes! I hope everybody had a good MDW, now back to regular program. 

Kimono: F21 Similar (here)
Bikini top: Victoria Secret
Shorts: Ebay Similar (here)
Body chain: Gojane (here)

This weekend's weather was awesome, rain and all! I have to say my favorite part of the summer is going to the beach. I seriously love it, I don't care about swimming much, but I like being there. It reminds me of my country, and it also relaxes me a lot. For this fun beach day I went with a floral kimono and shorts. Kimonos are a great piece to use as a cover up. The light fabric keeps you cool, and the length keeps you covered. I kept my shorts on the whole time, because we were playing and running and it felt comfortable. Plus it was not so hot to walk around in just a two piece lol.
Let me explain! These pictures were taken while we played a game called zero kills zero. We used to play this back in my country when we were young. Basically you squat and people jump over you. If no one touches you with their legs, you have to stay there and keep going higher till you are standing with your head down. I was obviously not so good at it, since I was there for the majority of the pictures lol.

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