Friday, February 7, 2014

Random Fridays

Hello Beautiful people!

TGIF: Thank God we're fabulous


    Here I am with another random Friday post. I really enjoy writing this posts because it gives me an opportunity to talk about other stuff that I like. I just recently purchased my ticket for IMATS NY (yaaayy). IMATS stands for International Make-up Artist Trade Show. It's a make-up convention for MUA and make-up lovers. There are a bunch of booths selling almost every make-up brand in the book at discounted prices. They also offer classes and seminars by MUA and YouTube gurus.

     The main reason why I'm going besides the cheap make-up, is to meet YouTube guru Nicole Guerriero (her channel). She is my favorite guru in the whole wide world. Besides being drop-dead gorgeous, she seems very down to earth and sweet. I started watching her videos like 3 years ago, and I've been wanting to meet her since then. I was going to attend IMATS last year, but the tickets sold out too fast. But thanks to my friend Melitza who helped me get my hands on the tickets, I'll be there this year. I'm so excited now that I have the ticket, April can't come fast enough!
Nicole Guerriero
     If you guys are interested in learning more about this event you can visit their website (here) for tickets and dates. The Saturday tickets are already sold out! So if you want to go, I recommend you get your tickets pronto! If you go and you see me, please say hi :)

     PS: I'm hoping to have my DSLR camera by then, so I can take awesome pictures to share with you guys; fingers crossed!.



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